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Rato Bangala Foundation can use the help of volunteers to work in its ongoing projects as per the need.

Provide one-time support for

1. Fulfilling a variety of needs by providing school books for libraries, math / science material, charts, maps and globes, canvas hand puppets for social studies and language, wooden figures for social studies and language, furniture, playground equipment, development of playground, drinking water and sanitation facilities, construction of the building and a set of tin trunk material. Finance the publishing of children’s literature

Rato Bangala Kitab is committed to enriching the repertoire of reading materials for Nepali children. Any help received in this field would reach Nepali children far and wide.s

ponsor the development of audio visual materials for teaching English.

Sponsor a Child

At Rato Bangala partner schools: Commitment for up to 8 years is required. There are still many parents who cannot afford to send their children to government schools for lack of basic essentials. This commitment for five years will allow a child to go to school in our partner school, at least till he/she has completed the primary cycle.

Rato Bangala School: Commitment for 10 – 12 years requires Rato Bangala School to take in students from marginalized communities and support them until high school. It is expected that these children will eventually serve as a role model in their community.

Sponsor a teacher for training

Help develop primary schools in villages (over five years)

This consists of: Training of School Leaders (Three people), PTTP for one teacher , SDTPT for four teachers , provision of Tin Trunk material , meetings, educational fairs, and miscellaneous expenses for school, teaching material support for school, supervision for five years , traveling cost (if applicable)

Support district-wide four day orientation (all primary school teachers)

Duration: 2 months. The focus of this orientation will be to create “Violence Free, Creative and Fun Primary Schools”. Includes: orientation of teachers, providing schools with some books and teaching material, snacks during the four day training, certification of teachers, and, follow up with commitments to improve classrooms.

Support district-wide training (all schools in a particular district)

RBF has developed a district wide educational improvement model for a minimum of five years. This model includes all the schools within the district. Provides three levels of training to all the teachers in the district, and develops functioning networking among schools so that what is received through the training is practiced in the classrooms, and the networks function to develop their own knowledge.

Primary Teacher Training Program (PTTP)

Skill Development Training for Primary Teachers (SDTPT)

Child Centered Level One Training: (Level One)

RBF partners with organizations and meets their special requests for teacher training in an organized manner.

A Volunteer

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